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Posted on: June 19, 2011 12:26 pm

PSU thoughts this offseason

Well, it's been a long long time since I've been on CBS. Just got back from a nice little "vacation cruise" and a lot has happened....

Rob Bolden. The Bolden Saga is still ongoing, but he did return for spring classes. I did not get a chance to see the Blue/White scrimmage, but I heard it was literally a wash. Bolden has all the physical tools you want in a QB, he just needs to keep his head on straight. To me, it seems like he trys to be too perfect in his play. He always wants to hit the primary receiver/route than check down, he needs to change that if he wants to run this offense. I think and hope that Bolden is the QB this year, don't get me wrong I have nothing against McGloin, but he played his best last year, I don't think he can beat that and he ended last year on a terrible note against Florida.

Recruiting. JoePa is using Skype!!!! What? I never thought I'd see that, but looking at the pictures of it, he has a HUGE monitor and I think this really helps us out with the recruits. As for the recruits, both sides of the line are going to be SOLID for at least 5 years, barring injuries, suspensions and any other trouble. Big Red has done a great job coordinating it all and Camren Williams is doing a fine job making pitches to his fellow recruits. It seems like New England has become our new "hotbed" for recruits with Silas Redd and Khari Fortt both doing a great job as freshman (both should start this year) and now adding Williams to the mix hopefully with Armani Reeves and Canaan Severin they've done a GREAT job up there!! I would like to see another DT added to the group, a few DB's and an RB. I think this class is going to be one for the ages!

Ohio State. Hard to miss this one, I guess we all had our thoughts as to some improper stuff going over in Colombus, but I didn't think it was this bad. It's definitely a good thing that Terrelle Pryor is gone, although he won't be a good NFL QB he was a great NCAA QB. As for Tressell, I think he got ousted just because of the actions of his players. Everybody gave PSU crap for the fights and marijuana charges, along with some other issues (prank phone calls, shooting arrows through walls, Scirrotto's girl) but Joe always kept his players in line. The minute they stepped out of line, no matter the skill of the player (Phil Taylor) they got what he thought they deserved. I guess if Tressell knew about this and didn't do anything to stop it, he deserved to go to. OSU will still be a force, this doesn't make them a non-factor in whatever league we're in....legends and leaders, really???

SHpITt. The Rivalry is renewed....for 2 games. Doesn't mean much to me, as i'm a newer generation PSU fan. Didn't get a chance to enjoy the hard games back in the 80's and 90's. I would rather see PSU keep playing 'Bama every year. That would be one hell of a rivalry, but of a different type. Definitely would let us know where we are on the National scale rather than just win the in-state championship EVERY year. Maybe this will shut up the ignorant Pitt fans for a little while, but I doubt it. Plus now we just get to talk about it for 5 years before it happens!!

Well, that covers about all I could think of. Let me know if I missed anything and give me your thoughts on the subjects. Back to the PSU board!

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