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PSU thoughts this offseason

Well, it's been a long long time since I've been on CBS. Just got back from a nice little "vacation cruise" and a lot has happened....

Rob Bolden. The Bolden Saga is still ongoing, but he did return for spring classes. I did not get a chance to see the Blue/White scrimmage, but I heard it was literally a wash. Bolden has all the physical tools you want in a QB, he just needs to keep his head on straight. To me, it seems like he trys to be too perfect in his play. He always wants to hit the primary receiver/route than check down, he needs to change that if he wants to run this offense. I think and hope that Bolden is the QB this year, don't get me wrong I have nothing against McGloin, but he played his best last year, I don't think he can beat that and he ended last year on a terrible note against Florida.

Recruiting. JoePa is using Skype!!!! What? I never thought I'd see that, but looking at the pictures of it, he has a HUGE monitor and I think this really helps us out with the recruits. As for the recruits, both sides of the line are going to be SOLID for at least 5 years, barring injuries, suspensions and any other trouble. Big Red has done a great job coordinating it all and Camren Williams is doing a fine job making pitches to his fellow recruits. It seems like New England has become our new "hotbed" for recruits with Silas Redd and Khari Fortt both doing a great job as freshman (both should start this year) and now adding Williams to the mix hopefully with Armani Reeves and Canaan Severin they've done a GREAT job up there!! I would like to see another DT added to the group, a few DB's and an RB. I think this class is going to be one for the ages!

Ohio State. Hard to miss this one, I guess we all had our thoughts as to some improper stuff going over in Colombus, but I didn't think it was this bad. It's definitely a good thing that Terrelle Pryor is gone, although he won't be a good NFL QB he was a great NCAA QB. As for Tressell, I think he got ousted just because of the actions of his players. Everybody gave PSU crap for the fights and marijuana charges, along with some other issues (prank phone calls, shooting arrows through walls, Scirrotto's girl) but Joe always kept his players in line. The minute they stepped out of line, no matter the skill of the player (Phil Taylor) they got what he thought they deserved. I guess if Tressell knew about this and didn't do anything to stop it, he deserved to go to. OSU will still be a force, this doesn't make them a non-factor in whatever league we're in....legends and leaders, really???

SHpITt. The Rivalry is renewed....for 2 games. Doesn't mean much to me, as i'm a newer generation PSU fan. Didn't get a chance to enjoy the hard games back in the 80's and 90's. I would rather see PSU keep playing 'Bama every year. That would be one hell of a rivalry, but of a different type. Definitely would let us know where we are on the National scale rather than just win the in-state championship EVERY year. Maybe this will shut up the ignorant Pitt fans for a little while, but I doubt it. Plus now we just get to talk about it for 5 years before it happens!!

Well, that covers about all I could think of. Let me know if I missed anything and give me your thoughts on the subjects. Back to the PSU board!

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Big Ten conference play, Week 2

I’ll start this week off with my revamped Big Ten Rankings:

1.       Penn State

2.       Ohio State

3.       Wisconsin

4.       Northwestern

5.       Michigan State

6.       Minnesota

7.       Illinois

8.       Iowa

9.       Michigan

10.   Purdue

11.   Indiana

That’s how I see it for right now and here’s how I see this week’s games

Penn State at Purdue The Boilermakers have struggled on defense this year, the Lions have excelled with their new offense. This was my preseason upset pick for the Lions, but they’ve done a lot better than expected. Darryl Clark will miss Jordan Norwood if he can’t play due to his hamstring, however Evan Royster and Stepfon Greene should run all over this horrid defense. Curtis Painter is having a good year, like expected, but not a great year. Until he shows how good he really is, Purdue will continue to go down. Prediction: Penn State 52 Purdue 27

Ohio State at Wisconsin This is the best game in the Big Ten this week with serious title implications. The Buckeyes have handed the team over to their stellar freshman, Terrelle Pryor, and are coming off a big win against the Golden Gophers. The Badgers lost a heartbreaker last week as they tried their hardest to be mentioned in the same sentence as the Oakland Raiders. Travis Beckum is back for good now after playing limited last week and that should be a huge boost for Allan Everidge. Pryor’s first big test of the year. Prediction: Wisconsin 21 Ohio State 20

Iowa at Michigan State Javon Ringer is carrying the Spartans to victories this year. The senior RB is averaging 180 yards a game this year. Ridiculous. Iowa has finally settled on a QB and has a defense that shuts down the run. This Hawkeyes team is a lot better than I originally thought they were and suffered a tough loss against Northwestern last week. Michigan State has looked great since the opening week loss. Prediction: Iowa 24 Michigan State 21

Indiana at Minnesota The big question for the Hoosiers is what’s going on with Kellen Lewis? If you were watching last week against the Spartans, Lewis was favoring his leg the whole second half and not showing off his ability to win with his legs and his arm. Minnesota played tough, but lost to the Buckeyes last week. The Gophers are doing great this year and I think they’ll continue to do so by throwing the ball. Prediction: Minnesota 42 Indiana 28

Illinois at Michigan The Fighting Illini are coming off a road loss at Penn State, giving them a 2-2 record. The good news is that they’ve lost to two great teams, both are in the top 6 in the nation. Juice Williams looked great running the option against the Lions, and I think he needs to do that to beat this Wolverines squad. Michigan is coming off a huge home win against Wisconsin, giving Rich Rodriguez a newly found confidence in his team. Michigan survived all their first half mistakes and turnovers and came back on offense and defense to defeat the Badgers.  Prediction: Illinois 38 Michigan 17

Well that’s it for now, hopefully I do better in my predictions this week than last week, although I did hit the Penn State game dead on! Let me know what you think!

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College Football Power 25

This is my power 25, in my mind the best football teams in the country. These teams might not have the greatest records and stats, but that's why it's the POWER 25 and not the Top 25. Let me know what you guys and gals think!

  1. Alabama- The Tide have beat 2 teams that were in the Top Ten when they played them. They beat Georgia like a drum on Saturday, which honestly I still can't believe how great they looked. The Tide play in the best conference in football and will more than likely lose a game or two, but this team is for real.
  2. Oklahoma- The Sooners have the best QB in football. Sam Bradford is making opposing defenses look like clowns. They really haven't been tested yet, but they also have a great defense and solid running game which is why I think the Sooners will play the Tide in the NC Game. The Texas/Oklahoma game is going to be great!
  3. LSU- The Tigers defense can keep them in any game no matter what the offense does. I think that they finally found a keeper in QB Jarrett Lee and RB Charles Scott is a power back who can bust a big one every now and then. Huge game coming up against the Gators.
  4. Missouri- The Tigers have put up amazing numbers against every defense they've seen. Chase Daniel can get it done through the air and on the ground. He's my pick for the Heisman Trophy winner as I see the Tigers going through the season with just one loss.
  5. Texas- Yes I know, the top 5 has only Big 12 and SEC teams in it, can you guess what conferences I think are the best? Colt McCoy is leading the Longhorns, in running and passing. I didn't know he could run, but he's shown the defense has to be aware of everything when they play the Horns. The Texas defense is shutting down the opponents running game, but once again they haven't really been tested. It's going to be a fun year in the Big 12.
  6. Penn State- My Nittany Lions have shown they can win against a good team as they beat Illinois by two touchdowns on Saturday night. Derrick Williams has shown his versatility this year and had his biggest game at a great time. Darryl Clark has shown that he can lead the Lions new offense by limiting mistakes and running when he needs to. The defense has been good at times and alright at times. The Lions pass defense worries me, but with the addition of Abe Karoma and Maurice Evans the opposing QB should have less time to throw.
  7. USC- The Trojans might've been upset by the pesky Beavers, but they are still a great football team. Pete Carroll with get Mark Sanchez and the offense back on track and we'll see the Trojans run the table and play in the Rose Bowl.The Trojans were simply outplayed on Thursday night, the second straight time they went to Corvalis and lost.
  8. Georgia- The Bulldogs got spanked by Alabama on Saturday, this game wasn't even close. With all the hype of the "black out" i was really surprised by the poor performance. Knowshon Moreno has an injured elbow - not sure how serious it is, but that could be the difference in the Dawgs' season. Stafford is a good QB, but not as good as I thought he was, he has a freshman wideout with all the talent in the world and i'd like to see him use it.
  9. Florida- The Gators have Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin, I thought that was all they would need. I guess I was wrong. Ole Miss proved they need something more after upsetting the Gators in the Swamp. This team has good leadership in Tebow and an outstanding return game. The Gators will play in a New Years day bowl this year, maybe even a BCS game.
  10. Auburn- Once again defense reigns supreme in the SEC. They might have a horrible offense, but their defense can keep them in games and even win games for them. The Tigers defense recovered a fumble in the end zone to beat Tennessee last week by 2. Not impressive against a down Volunteers squad, but they really impressed me in the LSU game. The SEC is going to be tight down the stretch.
  11. Texas Tech
  12. Ohio State
  13. Brigham Young
  14. South Florida
  15. Utah
  16. Boise State
  17. Kansas
  18. Vanderbilt
  19. Connecticut
  20. Wisconsin
  21. Maryland
  22. Fresno State
  23. Oregon State
  24. Virginia Tech
  25. Michigan State

That's how I see the teams for now, let me know what you think. If you agree or disagree I want to know! I should have the Big Ten matchups for this week posted tomorrow, but I don't make promises. Have a good week everybody and enjoy Monday Night Football tonight!

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Big Ten conference play

Well, before I break down this weeks games, i'm going to rank the entire conference.

  1. Wisconsin 3-0
  2. Penn State 4-0
  3. Ohio State 3-1
  4. Illinois 2-1
  5. Michigan State 3-1
  6. Purdue 2-1
  7. Northwestern 4-0
  8. Iowa 3-1
  9. Minnesota 4-0
  10. Indiana 2-1
  11. Michigan 1-2

Wisconsin at Michigan The Badgers come into this game with a solid running game led by P.J Hill. The Michigan defense is horrible and the Badgers will definitly take advantage of it. Travis Beckum has been injured, but to me is the best TE in the nation and a huge target for Everidge. Steven Threet is the transfer starter from nowhere for Rich Rodriguez and the Wolverines "offense", he's been beat up pretty bad so far by dismal defenses like Miami (OH) and Notre Dame. I think the Badgers will take this game easily, it's going to be a long year in Ann Arbor, but all of your young guys are getting playing time, and it'll help you in the end. Prediction: Wisconsin 34 Michigan 13.

Illinois at Penn State This is the biggest and best game in the opening week of the Big Ten, which is why it's in primetime. The Nittany Lions are calling for white out conditions at Beaver Stadium on Saturday night in what is their first test of the year. The Illini have already played a big game, a shootout with Missouri in their first game of the year. Juice Williams has shown that he can throw the ball and win some big games a la OSU last year. Penn State is looking to show how amazing their Spread HD really is. They haven't played anybody yet this year, but every fan knows that with Darryl Clark behind that solid offensive line, they've got a chance to take the Big Ten this year. Crazy conditions for this game. Prediction: Penn State 38 Illinois 24.

Minnesota at Ohio State The Buckeyes had a rough time last week against Troy, leading by only 4 at halftime. Terrelle Pryor is their starter and he's a playmaker. Some of the passes looked really rough last week, but he'll get alot of help this week as Chris "Beanie" Wells is probable for this game. The Golden Gophers are led by their signal caller, Adam Weber. Weber is only a sophomore and has a QB rating of 165. Wow. He hasn't played against a defense like the Buckeyes have, but I think he'll make some plays. Minnesota's defense has done a great job this year, but once again they haven't really played anybody. I think the Bucks early test against USC diminishes the hopes of an upset here. Prediction: Ohio State 27 Minnesota 21

Michigan State at Indiana Javon Ringer. That's why Michigan State is ranked as high as I have them. This RB is ridiculous and is making every defense look like swiss cheese. The Spartans also have good leadership but bad play at QB with Brian Hoyer. The senior only has 1 touchdown all year. Kellen Lewis is Indiana's workhorse. Lewis made mistakes as he threw 2 picks last week against Ball State and the Hoosiers are going to need Lewis to throw as good as he runs if they want to win this one. Prediction: Michigan State 28 Indiana 24.

Purdue at Notre Dame Why dont the Irish just join the Big Ten already? Anyway, Curtis Painter is the best QB in the Big Ten. He's shown his leadership in everygame so far this year for the Boilermakers. Last week the Boilermakes beat a tough, yes a tough, Central Michigan team in the waning moments of the game. Purdue's defense doesn't look too great this year, but neither does Notre Dame's. Prediction: Purdue 45 Notre Dame 28

Northwestern at Iowa This might be the most intrigue match up of the guys who don't get alot of respect. The Wildcats are led by Tyrell Sutton, the star RB. Sutton was hurt last week, but will be ready to play in this matchup. He's averaging over 100 total yards and 1.5 TDs a game. Iowa has questions at quarterback, they're trying to run a two QB system is how I take it. Ricky Stanzi is starting again this week for the Hawkeyes as they come off a 1 point loss to Pitt last week. This game will decide who the longshot in the Big Ten is. Prediction: Iowa 31 Northwestern 21.


Well that's how I see the first week of Big Ten conference play taking shape. If you disagree or have any comments as always let me know! Have a good week everybody and watch as much football as you can!

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College Football Week 3

After three weeks of play some teams are starting to show they belong while others have us questioning if football turned into baseball. Here's how my Top 25 looks this week with reports on how the Top 10 did along with my predictions.

1. USC (2-0) The Trojans came back after a bye week to spank Ohio State. Mark Sanchez threw for four touchdowns on only 170 yards while Rey Maualuga returned an interception for a TD. The Trojan defense limited the Buckeyes to just 207 yards and forced three turnovers. All in all it was a very impressive game for So Cal and after this win they are now my pick to win it all. This week they travel to Oregon State who dismantled Hawaii 45-7 this weekend. This could be a rough start for the Trojans after such a big win, but they will prevail, 31-17.

2. Oklahoma (3-0) The Sooners just keep putting up points. They beat Washington 55-14 and Sam Bradford threw for another 5 TDs and 300 yards. This offense cannot be stopped yet, they haven't had any huge games against good teams but they're impressive anyway. They had almost 600 yards of total offense against the Huskies. Next the Sooners play TCU on September 27th.

3. Georgia (3-0) The Dawgs decided to make things interesting this week beating South Carolina 14-7. This was a very close game in which SC fumbled in the end zone and threw an interception deep in Georgia territory in the 4th quarter. I think that the Bulldogs dodged a bullet here while the Gamecocks showed once again how deep the SEC is. Next the Dawgs take on Arizona State who lost to UNLV. This past week was a wake up call for both teams, but my prediction is that UGA takes them down, 38-24.

4. Missouri (3-0) The Tigers continue to impress almost everybody on the scoreboard. They beat Nevada 69-17. Chase Daniel threw for another 400 yards and 4 more touchdowns to his already gaudy stats. The Wolfpack isn't a good team by any means, but I think the Tigers will be ready for anybody including the poor Buffalo team they take on next. Prediction: Mizzou 63 Buffalo 19.

5. Florida (2-0) The Gators were idle this week after beating Miami (Fl) in week 2. Percy Harvin was back and Tim Tebow was superman once again. This Gators squad is solid and will be a front runner in the toughest conference in football. This week they travel to old Rocky Top in what should be and is always a great game. The Vols will give them all they can take but in the end I think the Gators come out on top, 28-24.

6. LSU (2-0) Beat North Texas 41-3. The Tigers are rolling in their OOC schedule but things should get pretty intense this week as they travel to Auburn in another huge SEC game. The Tigers offense ran for 216 yards against a weak North Texas team. Look for their running game to be limited in the week ahead in what should be a defensive battle with Auburn, my prediction: LSU 13 Auburn 9.

7. Texas (2-0) The Horns had their game with Arkansas delayed due to Hurricane Ike. This coming week they take on Rice in what should be another easy game. Horns 59 Rice 21.

8. Wisconsin (3-0) The Badgers traveled to Fresno on Saturday night and defeated a tough Bulldogs team that made mistakes during the game including 3 missed FG's. With that being said you have to give credit to UW for traveling out there and beating them. Allan Evridge left the game with cramps in his leg in the fourth quarter and the Badgers held off the late surge of the Bulldogs. PJ Hill ran for over 100 yards again and the Wisconsin defense tightened when they needed to. Next week the Badgers take on Michigan who is rebuilding to say the least. Badgers will win, my prediction: 34 - 17.

9. Alabama (3-0) The Tide beat Western Kentucky to remain undefeated and move up a couple of spots in my poll. Alabama had a balanced running attack with 280 yards and 3 TDs combined. John Parker Wilson threw for 2 more TDs and Julio Jones proved he is the best freshman WR in the country. The Tide have a tough test next week when they travel to Arkansas. I think that the Tide will roll over the Hogs in this battle, 24-18.

10. Auburn (3-0) The Tigers won against Mississippi State, 3-2.....yeah, 3-2. The Tigers defense was the highlight of this game, limiting MSU to just 116 total yards of offense. That's about it for that game. This week they take on LSU in what is IMO the best game of the week. I think the Tigers will play them tough, but lose to LSU, in a defensive game, 13-9.

  • 11. East Carolina
  • 12. Texas Tech
  • 13. South Florda
  • 14. Penn State
  • 15. BYU
  • 17. Oregon
  • 18. Utah
  • 19. Ohio State
  • 20. Wake Forest
  • 21. West Virginia
  • 22. UNLV
  • 23. Maryland
  • 24. Illinois
  • 25. Kansas
  • 25. Fresno State

Some big games coming up this week in the SEC especially. USC could have a tough game, coming off the huge win against OSU. Auburn and LSU play a huge game as does Florida and Tennessee. If these teams all had losing records when they played, the games would still be huge, it's more about pride for these guys, same as Alabama and Arkansas. Alot of good games as a majority of the easy schedules are done with

Upset Alert: NC State could give East Carolina some trouble, other than that Georgia could run into some problems with Arizona State. All the rivalries I mentioned above wouldn't be upsets to me, they always play each other close.

Like always, let me know your opinions on who you think is up too high or down too low! Have a great week everybody!

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College Football Week 2

So this was the week that was supposed to be boring. BYU and East Carolina helped us get through it, while Ohio had alot of us happy early on. After 2 weeks here's how my top 25 looks.

1. Georgia (2-0) The Bulldogs beat Central Michigan easily as Knowshon Moreno ran for 168 yards and a career high 3 touchdowns. Matthew Stafford added another 2 TDs through the air and Demarcus Dobbs returned an interception 78 yards for a TD. Next week the Dawgs take on the USC of the south. Look for another high scoring game and more stats for Stafford. Prediction: UGA 38 USC 21

2. USC (1-0) The Trojans had a bye this week as they prepare for the big showdown with the Buckeyes. Mark Sanchez looked great against UVA and will need a good game in the Rose Bowl if they expect to win. They play The Ohio State University on Saturday and Pete Carroll has his players ready for this game. Prediction: USC 27 OSU 24

3. Oklahoma (2-0) The Sooners beat Cincinnati 52-26 in a game that I thought had upset implications. Sam Bradford threw for 395 yards and a whopping 5 TDs. The Bearcats did move the ball on the Sooner defense and they'll be in the mix of things later in the season. Next week the Sooners play Washington who lost a heartbreaker to BYU. Prediction: OU 48 UW 17

4. Missouri (2-0) The Tigers beat Southeast Missouri State with ease, 52-3. They pulled out a few trick plays as heisman candidate Chase Daniels threw for 245 yards and 3 TDs. This FCS squad never had a chance with the Tigers. Next week Mizzou plays host to Nevada. Look for the Tigers to put up big numbers again. Prediction: Mizzou 59 Nevada 20

5. Florida (2-0) The Gators beat the Miami Hurricanes 26-3. Heisman winner Tim Tebow led the Gators tossing for 256 yards and 2 TDs while running for another 55 yards. Percy Harvin was back in a big way at the Swamp when he ran for a TD, he's a huge playmaker for that team. The Gators defense held Miami and their freshman QB to just 140 total yards. The Gators have a bye this week then they travel to Tennessee on the 20th.

6. Ohio State (2-0) The Buckeyes beat the mighty Ohio Bobcats 26-14. OSU took the ball away from the Bobcats 5 times and returned a punt for a touchdown. The offense only had 272 total yards, just 18 more than the Bobcats. I think it was a bad showing by the Buckeyes, with or without Beanie Wells. Next week the Buckeyes travel to the Rose Bowl to take on USC. The Trojans will be ready and waiting for them. Prediction: USC 27 OSU 24

7. LSU (1-0) The Tigers had their game delayed against Troy due to hurrican Gustav. The game will be played on November 15th.

8. Texas (2-0) The Horns beat UTEP 42-13. Colt McCoy threw for 286 yards and 4 TDs while the Horns defense yielded 412 yards of total offense to the Miners but never let them cash in. The defense can end up being a big problem, but the offense can score with anybody. McCoy has proved that he is a stud QB. Next week the Horns play Arkansas. McCoy's going to put up the stats again, prediction: UT 42 Ark 14.

9. Auburn (2-0) The Tigers beat Southern Miss 27-13. Don't let the score fool you, they were up 24-0 in the third quarter before Southern Miss started a comeback. Chris Todd threw for 248 yards in his first start and other than that they weren't any stats that stuck out. Next week the Tigers travel to Mississippi State. This should be an easy win for Tommy and the boys. Prediction AU 38 MSU 10.

10. Wisconsin (2-0) The Badgers had a rough start, but came back after trailing 14-0 to beat Marshall 51-14. Allen Evridge threw for 308 yards and a score whil PJ Hill was limited to just 57 yards on 18 carries, he did find the end zone twice. Backup John Clay also had 2 TDs while he ran for 54 yards. Next the Badgers travel to Fresno State in what is shaping up to be a good game. I think they have too much firepower for the Bulldogs to win. Predictions: UW 34 FSU 24.

  • 11. East Carolina
  • 12. Texas Tech
  • 13. Alabama
  • 14. Kansas
  • 15. Arizona State
  • 16. BYU
  • 17.  Penn State
  • 18. Oregon
  • 19. South Florida
  • 20. Utah
  • 21. Illinois
  • 22. Wake Forest
  • 23. Fresno State
  • 24. West Virginia
  • 25. California

Honorable Mention: Iowa. The Hawkeyes beat a tough FIU team to earn a look this week!

We have a bunch of good games coming up this week, Mainly USC and OSU. however Kansas and South Florid will be a good game while Fresno State and Wisconsin can end up being a good game as well.

Upset Alert: Watch out for BYU against UCLA. The Cougars got lucky this weekend as Jake Locker had a personal foul called against him after he scored a TD with :02 left in the 4th. That moved the PAT attempt back to the 18 and it was blocked. I think the Cougars got their wake up call and will be back, but it should be a good game anyway!

Comments are always welcome, you don't like where your team is or if they aren't ranked let me know about it! Have a good football Sunday everybody!

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Penn State: 2-0.

Well it just went final in Happy Valley and Penn State is victorious yet again. They beat the Beavers of Oregon State 45-14 today. The Lions showed off more of the Spread HD than they did against Coastal Carolina, as was expected. Darryl Clark ended up completed 14 out of 23 attempts for 214 yards and 2 TDs while he ran for 60 yards and another score. Evan Royster has surpassed his touchdown total of last year, running in another 3 today. That makes 6 on the year. He led the team with 142 yards on just 17 carries, but had a fumble around the OS 4 yard line as I thought he was going to get another TD. Jordan Norwood surpassed O.J McDuffie on the all time receiving list to move into 3rd behind Bobby Engram and Deion Butler. Norwood finished with 8 receptions for 115 yards and beautiful touchdown reception. Mickey Shuler showed that he can make some grabs too and had what I think was the best catch of the year as he went up and caught a TD in traffic and came down with both feet in bounds while taking a hit. The Beavers have a good secondary and showed it today as they had at least 8 in the box all game. <o:p></o:p>

The defense started out strong. Josh Gaines and Jared Odrick stepped up big time for the Lions as they were missing two of their starters stemming from the marijuana incident earlier in the week. Mark Rubin and Josh Hull each had interceptions as Lyle Moraevao made mistakes again today for the Beavers. Moraevao ended up throwing for 236 yards and freshman Quizz Rodgers had 99 yards and 2TDs on the ground. Overall I think our defense did pretty well against a Pac-10 team with playmakers. We got pretty good pressure on the QB and they didn't allow a first down on the first 3 OS series' (I think). <o:p></o:p>

Special Teams looked alright today. Kevin Kelly tried a 60 yard field goal to end the first half and came up just short, I think it would've been good from about 57. That's good to know once we get into the bigger games. Jeremy Boone had a really nice punt in the first half, but it went for a touchback and then ran from the punt formation in the 4th quarter for a first down, but it was called back due to an illegal shift. No big returns for the Lions today, and Stepfon Green was back there and let a kick go through his hands. All in all, a good day for the Lions<o:p></o:p>

Next week we travel to Syracuse. The Orange(men) are 0-2 with losses to Northwestern and Akron. Today we completed the toughest part of our OOC schedule. I look for the Lions to use some of the plays that they already have and not break out anything new until the Illinois game. It looks like this offense is for real, if we can keep up the play on the defensive side of the ball, look out! I heard the commentators today say that maybe this Penn State team is underrated. Anyway, my prediction for the SU game is Penn State 55 Syracuse 17. That's it for now, look for the breakdown and top 25 later, probably tomorrow. <o:p></o:p>

WE ARE.....<o:p></o:p>

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My NCAA Football Top 25

Well the first week is down, there was a few upsets and some pretty good games. Here's how I see the top 25 stacking up now.

  1. Georgia
  2. USC
  3. Ohio State
  4. Missouri
  5. Florida
  6. Oklahoma
  7. LSU
  8. Texas
  9. West Virginia
  10. Auburn
  11. Kansas
  12. Wisconsin
  13. Texas Tech
  14. BYU
  15. Arizona State
  16. Alabama
  17. Oregon
  18. Penn State
  19. South Florida
  20. Wake Forest
  21. Fresno State
  22. Utah
  23. South Carolina
  24. East Carolina
  25. Illinois

That's how I see it. I started a blog about an hour and a half ago, didn't save it or anything and was doing an in depth look at every team that I have in this top 25 before my computer crashed. So if I get the heart to try it again I might add to this, but until then Alabama is the most impressive team. The Tide absolutely smoked the #9 ranked Clemson Tigers.

Speaking of Tigers, Missouri played a really good game against Illinois and Chase Daniel lived up to some of his heisman hype throwing for 323 yards and 3 touchdowns. Maybe the most stunning stat from that game was Juice Williams throwing for 451 yards and 5 touchdowns.

USC looked dominant as ever against Virginia and now they have a week off before their showdown at the Rose Bowl with Ohio State. The biggest question for the Buckeyes so far is what's wrong with Beanie Wells' foot/ankle?

The upsets from last week aside from the Alabama/Clemson game came from East Carolina as they blocked a punt and returned for a touchdown with just over 3 mins left to beat Virginia Tech. UCLA needed overtime to complete the upset of Tennessee in what was a very sloppy Monday night showdown between the Bruins and Vols. Bowling Green upset the Pitt Panthers and Mark May is still crying after he predicted them to take the Big East.

Upset watch this week: (8) West Virginia at (24) East Carolina. The Pirates snuck up on the Hokies and took down a front runner in the ACC, now can they build on that momentum and take down the big team from the Big East? Cincinnati at (6) Oklahoma. The Bearcats have a good leader in QB Dustin Grutza, but will that be enough to take down the Sooners?

Well that's it for now, give me some feedback and let me know what you think!


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